The 'R' in 'Reptile'

The statistical software package, R, is a powerful, flexible and free software. It is becoming increasingly popular among researchers around the world for their analyses. Although once you get the hang of R it is really fun and straightforward (most of the time…), it can be a fairly steep learning curve for those just getting into it.

This page is devoted to scripting and statistical analysis. What I hope to do is provide some code I have used to make my life easier when analysing, graphing and exploring my data. I’ll also try to cover different analyses, which might be useful to those getting started. The code I supply is by no means perfect and I am positive that there are similar and even more efficient ways of doing some things. Below I provide some posts to fun statistical and programming exercises that may may useful to other for learning and coding purposes.


Fixed versus Random-effects Meta-analysis

The ‘R’apid Grapher: Rapid Graphing of Means and Standard Errors – Oh yeah!