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This page collates some of the media coverage that my papers have received. You can click the links below each paper to get re-directed to some of the media releases.

Our foray into television! Martin and I were featured on Freek Vonk, a popular Dutch television show. Below. Martin is at approximately 6 minutes and I am at 35:52 min.


Birgit Szabo, Daniel WA Noble, Richard W Byrne, David S Tait, Martin J Whiting (2019) Precocial juvenile lizards show adult-level learning and behavioural flexibility. Animal Behaviour 154: 75–84.

Coverage: ANU, MQ,


Melissa L Fangmeier, Daniel W A Noble, Rose E O’Dea, Takuji Usui, Malgorzata Lagisz, Daniel Hesselson, Shinichi Nakagawa (2018) Computer animation technology in behavioral sciences: A sequential, automatic and high-throughput approach to quantifying personality in zebrafish (Danio rerio) Zebrafish 15: 1–10.

Coverage: Hear Rose O’Dea chat about our Zebrafish paper on Science for the People (Canada):


S. Senior, S. Nakagawa, D. Raubenheimer, S.J. Simpson, D.W.A. Noble (2017) Dietary restriction increases variability in longevity. Biology Letters, 13: 1-5.

Coverage: Hear Alistair on ABC radio


Julia L Riley, Daniel W.A. Noble, Richard W. Bryne, Martin J. Whiting. Does social environment influence learning ability in a family-living lizard? Animal Cognition, in press.

Coverage: Hear Julia on ABC Mornings radio (2:25:49) & ABC Radio Melbourne (1:11:00);


Pau Carazo, D.W.A. Noble, Dani Chandrasoma, Martin J. Whiting (2014) Sex and boldness explain individual differences in learning in a lizard. Proceedings of the Royal Society: B, 281: 20133275.

CoverageEastside Radio Sydney (6:04PM); World NewsOxford University; Macquarie University;


Benjamin F. Clark, Joshua J. Amiel, Richard Shine, Daniel W.A. Noble, Martin J. Whiting. (2014). Colour discrimination and associative learning in hatchling lizards incubated at ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ temperatures. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 68, 239-247.

CoveragePhys.orgTracing knowledge; Macquarie University; CFZ Daily news;


D.W.A. Noble, Kerrie Wechmann, J. S. Keogh, M.J. Whiting (2013) Behavioral and morphological traits interact to promote the evolution of alternative reproductive tactics in a lizard. The American Naturalist, 182: 726-742.

Coverage:; Macquarie University


Noble, D.W.A., Carazo. P. and Whiting, M.J. Learning outdoors: male lizards show flexible spatial learning under semi-natural conditionsBiology Letters, 8: 946-948.

CoverageABC Science NewsPhys.orgMacquarie UniversityReptile ChannelReptile Living Room – Podcast


Y. QiD.W.A. Noble, J. Fu, M.J. Whiting (2012) Spatial and social organization in a  burrow-dwelling lizard (Phrynocephalus vlangalii) from ChinaPLoS ONE 7(7): e41130. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0041130

CoverageNew Scientist- Short, Sharp Science