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These are all the wonderful, amazing people I have had, or currently have, the privilege of working with! Click on the pictures below to find out more about their research interests.


Shinichi Nakagawa (Behavioural ecologist and meta-analysis expert)












Shinichi and I moved to UNSW recently and are working as part of the IDEEL research group. Shinichi has made amazing and highly influential contributions to behavioural ecology and applied statistics. He is also an expert on meta-analysis in ecology and evolution. I am quite keen on understanding biostatistics in more detail and Shinichi and I are working on some statistics related papers along with some meta-analyses and cool empirical work looking at how early environmental effects shape personality and learning using lizards and fish.


Martin Whiting (Primary Advisor and the Kingpin of the Lizard Lab)

Martin catching lizards in China!

Martin catching lizards in China!











Martin and I are working a lot on Chinese lizards and also on the wonderful Eastern Water Skink (Eulamprus quoyii)! We will now be moving to Delicate skinks (Lampropholis delicata) to try and understand how early environments shape cognitive traits and in turn how this influences fitness.

Scott Keogh (Co-advisor and man of great wisdom)














Scott is a genetics guru and a lover of all that is Eulamprus. Martin, Scott and I are working on understanding the mating system and evolution of ARTs in E. quoyii. Scott, Shinichi, Martin and I are now working on a big Lampropholis project and Scott and I will do some serious SNP genotyping on a multi-generational cohort of these little guys as part of various experiments.

Pau Carazo (Bringer of all that is Spanish; plus he makes some sick paella) 










Although Pau is a lizard guy he is doing a post doc at Oxford University on flies! Can you believe that? No matter, he is doing some cool stuff.  Pau, Martin and I have been working on cognition and the role behavioural types play in learning spatial tasks in E. quoyii.

Qi Yin (Dr. Qi knows more about Chairman Mao than anyone I know)

Dr. Qi running lizards. Pic by Martin Whiting

Dr. Qi running lizards. Pic by Martin Whiting










Dr. Qi is an Associate Professor at CIB in Chengdu China. He is running an awesome researcher program on the very cool lizard genus Phrynocephalus. Qi Yin, Martin and I are working on understanding complex tail signalling in this genus and have a bunch of comparative and population level projects underway, including some work on Phrynocephalus mystaceus.


Jinzhong Fu (Masters Advisor and amphibian guru)












Dr. Fu is an expert in amphibian and reptile phylogenetics. We have been working together for some time on Phrynocephalus and we are continuing this tradition with Martin and Qi Yin to understand signal evolution in the genus Phrynocephalus.


Allan Edelsparre (Crazy Danish man who loves flies)

Allan with a milkshake!

Allan with a milkshake!














Allan and I did our MSc degrees together. He is working on some some seriously cool stuff looking at the relationship between personality and dispersal. He’s worked on fish and is now asking similar questions using fruit flies as part of his PhD at the University of Toronto in Mark Fitzpatrick’s lab. Mark and Allan are doing some seriously amazing work looking at how genes affect foraging behaviour and dispersal tendencies in flies. Allan, Mark and I are using this awesome system to test predictions from the environmental threshold (ET) model about how behavioural switches occur in relation to environmental cues.



Coming soon!