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Brains and Brawn: Dominant lizards are better learners!

By Fonti Kar

Dominant individuals tend to have greater monopoly over food and mates and therefore have more offspring compared to subordinate individuals. Are these successes attributed to greater cognitive ability? Or are dominant individuals just better at freeloading from their clever subordinate counterparts?

We investigated whether dominant and subordinate eastern water skinks differ in […]

Visit to the Uller lab at Lund University

It has been ages since my last blog post. I promise to correct this lull with more frequent blog posts from now on!

I’ve been very busy with the i-deel team at UNSW and also just got back from a wonderful trip to visit Tobias Uller and the Uller lab at Lund University. It was […]

Filming at the Lizard Lab!

It’s been a very busy few months. Martin and I just got back from a great ASH (Australian Society of Herpetology) conference that was hosted by folks at ANU (Thanks Scott Keogh and Mitzy Pepper). Upon our return we were greeted by a Dutch film crew who were interested in learning about our research and […]