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Current Students

Fonti Kar – PhD 2016 – Present – University of New South Wales – Co-advised with A/Prof. Shinichi Nakagawa – Phenotypic plasticity and pace-of-life in a widespread lizard, Lampropholis delicata


I graduated from Macquarie University with my Masters of Research earlier this year! I am doing my PhD with Dan and Shinichi at UNSW in the I-DEEL Lab. I will be exploring phenotypic plasticity in the context of ‘pace-of-life’ theory in a widely distributed lizard. ‘Pace-of-life’ theory states that suites behavioural and physiological traits coevolved with certain life-history strategies to give rise to different ‘paces-of-life’. There are several aims I would like to fulfil in my PhD: 1) test whether ‘pace-of-life’ syndromes exist across reptile species, 2) quantifying behavioural and metabolic reaction norms at the population level to understand how these traits covary and change at increasing temperatures, 3) investigate how selection operates on these reaction norms using agent-based modelling techniques.

Past Students


Kirke Munch – PhD 2014- present- University of Tasmania – Co-advised with Dr. Geoff While – Sociality, personality and learning in a family living lizard, Egernia whitii

Birgit Szabo – PhD 2016 – present – Macquarie University – Co-advised with Dr. Martin Whiting – Comparative cognition accross in lizards with diverse social structure


Emily Rayner (2017) – Studying the impact of incubation temperatures on learning in Delicate skinks

Kyleen Lopez  – Hons 2017 – University of New South Wales – Studying the effect of diet on behaviour in Delicate skinks

Fonti Kar – MSc 2015- Macquarie University – Co-advised with A/Prof. Martin Whiting – Predictors of male dominance and its role in social information use in Eastern Water Skinks (Eulamprus quoyii)

Kerrie Wechmann – Hons 2012 – Macquarie University – Co-advised with A/Prof. Martin Whiting

Ben Clark – Hons 2012 – Macquarie University – Co-advised with A/Prof. Martin Whiting